Moving Storage

family wears boxes on their heads

Storage goes hand-in-hand with moving. There are many scenarios that can pop up during a move that requires a temporary storage solution. In cases of home renovations, you don’t even need to be physically relocating to benefit from short-term Maple Ridge storage. Whatever the reason, we have a number of convenient and secure options for storing your personal belongings until it’s time to bring them home again.

A common reason for needing a moving and storage solution is when you’re in between homes. Although we all hope for a smooth relocation, often times people sell their homes before they buy the next one. If you find yourself living in temporary housing in between homes, especially a smaller space like an apartment or hotel room, then you’ll need a place to store your furniture and large items. That’s where we come in! Our Maple Ridge storage facilities are a clean, secure, and convenient short-term storage solution. We can even lend a hand with moving your belongings from your home to our Maple Ridge storage facility and back!

Moving and Storage Options

When it comes time to find a safe place to stash your things, we’ll be there to help! Just let us know the size of the Maple Ridge storage space you need and for how long. We can even arrange packing services in Maple Ridge followed by moving your belongings to our secure Maple Ridge storage facility. Whether it’s a few boxes of holiday decorations or an entire set of heirloom bedroom furniture, we have the space to accommodate your needs.

Our facilities are clean and secure, so you can feel confident that we’ll take good care of your belongings while they’re away from home.