Living Costs & Relocation Tips if You’re Moving to Maple Ridge

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Located between the Fraser River and the Golden Ears, Maple Ridge is a breathtakingly beautiful city, surrounded by majestic mountain views and serene lakes. It comes to no surprise that filmmakers are in love with Maple Ridge, sending out crews daily to shoot footage. If you’re set moving to the area, you should be excited. There’s nothing more relaxing than connecting with nature every day.
Despite your excitement, moving can be stressful. Between packing, finding a new place to live, getting a job, and coordinating logistics, you need some help doing the heavy lifting. The most important thing is to give yourself enough time to evaluate your budget. Once you’re sure the move is feasible, it’s not a bad idea to start crafting a list of things you need to do before the big day arrives.

Cost of Living in Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge’s beauty hasn’t gone unnoticed, and the city attracts new residents and visitors regularly. Because there is a steady demand for housing in Maple Ridge, rent is on the higher end. However, it’s still not as costly as major metropolitan areas. Groceries and utilities are about average, and extracurriculars like fitness and entertainment are surprisingly affordable, with the average gym membership costing around $30 a month.
If you’re looking for even better news, the average monthly salary seems to be higher than in other places with higher costs of living. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1012.50, and utilities cost approximately $80.75. A gallon of gas is about $4.04, and one month of public transportation costs $102.50.

Moving Tips

Before taking in a big breath of Maple Ridge’s nature, make sure you have everything in order and ready to go. A great starting point for fleshing out your moving strategy is by creating a checklist. If you’re unsure where to start, take a look at the sample checklists below, which are designated to specific time increments to minimize the load. Hopefully, this gives you an idea of the things you should have in order before enlisting the help of a Maple Ridge moving company.

1 or 2 months before moving day:

  • Inventory your belongings.
  • Gather packing materials if you plan to pack yourself.
  • Contact a moving company for a free estimate.
  • Make travel arrangements like renting a moving truck or booking hotel rooms.
  • Keep track of your moving expenses so you can deduct them on your taxes.
  • Transfer memberships like the gym, church, or other groups.
  • Turn in a change of address forms.
  • Collect your medical records and transfer prescriptions to a new pharmacy.
  • Organize a garage sale to clear excess clutter and things you don’t want to move.

2 to 4 weeks before moving day

  • Start packing and label every box with contents as well as an inventory list and fragile stickers if necessary.
  • Confirm your travel reservations.
  • Transfer newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  • Switch your utilities to your new address.
  • Check your safety deposit box and make sure you have a safe place to store your valuables while moving.
  • Reserve dedicated use of the service elevator in your new apartment building.
  • Arrange for a cleaning service to clean your existing home, your new home, or both.

A few days before moving day

  • Arrange to leave your keys with the landlord or new owners.
  • Pack last-minute items.
  • Disconnect your appliances.
  • Double-check all rooms to make sure they’re empty.

On moving day

  • Make sure your Maple Ridge moving company is clear on your destination address and exchange contact details with the driver.
  • Carry important documents and valuables with you and don’t give them to the moving company.
  • Shut off appliances.
  • Do a final walkthrough with the crew to make sure your instructions were carried out correctly.
  • When you arrive at your destination, walk through to ensure everything is unpacked to the correct room.
Use a Maple Ridge moving company to do all of your heavy lifting so you can enjoy moving and start living right away. Moving is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Getting from here to there is easier than you think when you seek help from professional movers.


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